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Summer in the Winter: A Trip to Longwood Gardens

Cold, windy weather? Winter blahs? No problem, still plenty to do here in Lancaster County! Today is one of those days, much like the one last year that led a group of us girls to plan a trip to Longwood Gardens. We met and ate Breakfast at the Dutchway Restaurant in Gap, then headed south on rt. 41. Longwood Gardens is located in Kennet Square, on Rt.1, about 45 minutes from our house and was just a nice distance to ride in the car, enjoy some time relating stories and arrive there ready to take in the sights, sounds, and scents of the gardens.

We were so excited! Ahead of time, we shared that these drab winter days bring on color hunger and longing for Springtime like nothing else. We felt like we needed what Longwood Gardens would offer us and we were not dissappointed. Arriving there, we headed straight for the conservatory inside a deliciously temperature controlled and inviting atmosphere, where flowers and water displays and lovely gardens drew our attention for hours.

We felt like we got special privilege somehow with a Longwood Gardens employee that spent considerable, unscheduled time with us, telling about the different plants and how they are cared for and brought out for display in certain seasons. Everything was just gorgeously displayed. The pictures that are posted with this writing are actual pictures from OUR day there at Longwood Gardens. We loved every minute of it and I’m thinking that it could become an annual outing for us over this time of year…just to celebrate the color and beauty that is available here, even during our winter season.

Interesting tidbit … is that it is a place that welcomes children. We took advantage of the treehouses in our walk outdoors. (Theres a treehouse that can be accessed by wheelchair.) *Check out the kids day planned called OrKidDay

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