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May 2016 Update: Red Rose Run and Two Fruity Festivals

We are already in the month of May, a lovely month normally, but so far this year we are catching up on rain and more rain. Seems like we are in a holding pattern of sorts!

But hey, the grass is green and our flower beds and gardens are still growing. Here's my kitchen from a few days ago as I prepped a summer frittata for breakfast. That bowl of zucchini in the front is from one of my favorite local stores, Miller's Health Food Store, just up the road from us. Yum!

summer fritata

And there is still lots to do in Lancaster County, even when it rains! Yay! Here’s some of what’s coming up over the next few weeks.

Come with family and friends to Second Saturday at Smucker Village in the heart of Intercourse. Live music, great coffee, and outdoor vendors make it a place you will remember long after you go home. You will find special sales and discounts at the Treasure Place and they will stay open till 9 PM along with other venders on the property. Relax in the courtyard with a delicious drink from the Corner Coffee Shop.

Discover the railway with activities for the entire family including a tour of Museum, locomotives, and railroad cars, hands on history, fun, facts, about trains and a drawing for prizes.

You are welcome to Spooky Nook Sports Center to watch and cheer for the US Women’s Hockey Team, currently they are preparing for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. All games start at 7:30.

Don’t miss this tasty tribute to one of Lancaster’s favorite spring vegetable. This is a family friendly festival featuring live music, a Rhubarb Race Derby, and a Rhubarb Dessert Contest. Walk around the village, sample rhubarb treats, and browse the village’s shops.

Explore recreated WWII camps complete with vintage vehicles, weapons, and photographs. This is Lancaster. This event is free and open to the public.

Country Barn Farm is a working, family owned farm that will be opening its doors for their first Strawberry Festival. Stop by and enjoy some homemade ice cream and wagon tours.

Hey Runners, here’s your chance to see Lancaster in a new way! Lancaster City will be hosting its 40th annual Red Rose Run. This is a 5 mile run through the city and County Park. The Red Rose Run also includes a kids fun run and wheelchair race. These proceeds will benefit Lancaster Central Market.

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