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Lazy Hazy Days of Summer

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

We've had lots of visitors enjoy time here this year. And we are already halfway through Summer, and wondering how that happened?!Time flies when you're having fun, or cleaning rooms, or watching sunsets and rainbows, getting in some swim time, going to the zoo, or what are things you like to take in during summer season?

We recently got under the open porch out back to take in the changing scenes of strong winds and a downpour. It was quite exciting to watch that storm! It got dark super fast, angry clouds were moving across the sky, wind ran through the trees, and then the downpour. I love to watch storms like that.

Also getting to pick some vegetables from our own garden. Great feeling to be able to grow a few things to eat right in our own backyard. Early Asparagus, we had a few strawberries, then peas, onions, and now tomatoes. and Zucchini and of course flower bouquets. Zinnias

, Lime Lite Hydrangea, Yellow Yarrow, etc.

Our local fundraising auctions have been interesting and super well attended. No wonder really, the amazing homemade food, and quilts and antiques certainly bring in crowds of folks from miles around, interested in tasting and or taking something home and just to be able to gather is a grand privilege.

We do some family gatherings in Summer months. Re cconnecting with family at a local park, sharing food and stories from the past year and memories from even further back while the children play on the swings or find things to do by the water.

We enjoy looking up ice cream shops as well. Close by there are many options, like

Hayloft Ice cream on Groffdale Road

Fox Meadows where you can watch them make waffle cones

Down on the Farm just south of Strasburg

Strasburg Creamery

Lapp Valley Ice Cream

Freeze and Frizz on Rt 23

There are many Rails to Trails biking places in Lancaster County.



Ephrata alla

All have beautiful trails to explore

Plus many hiking trails

So much to do outdoors like

Refreshing Mountain

Cherry Crest Farm

Dutch Wonderland

Outdoor Markets like Roots and Green Dragen

Longwood Gardens is a 50 minute drive from here but just as beautiful as ever.

Hot Air Balloon Rides in Bird in Hand

Local Biking and Hiking Trails

Strasburg Scooters

Kitchen Kettle Village

Walking in Lancaster City, Litiz or in the town of Intercourse

Go on a Buggy Ride

Summer can be varied and fun. And it's up to you to capture the moment, create memories, or relax in the shade of a huge tree. Inspiration comes in different forms. As a child, I remember laying on my back in the grass and watching fluffy clouds go by. We should do more of that. Finding simple pleasures along the way.

Balloon Festival is going on right now!

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