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January isn't normally my JAM

However this year...

*I'm using it for planning and organizing...

which means emptying out files, setting up bookkeeping for 2022

*Carl is redoing our basement bathroom, beautiful and more spacious.

{If you've STAYed in our Family Space, you will love this}

* We had a bit of snow to move thus far, lovely snow days to enjoy mostly from indoors.

*Got to see Longwood Gardens Christmas display and it was breathtaking!

*We are writing our goals for t

his year!

*Calming our kitty kats because of being afraid of winter weather.

* Still had a Christmas Party here and there that couldn't fit into Dec. business

* Thinking about Spring, ordering some seeds that I want to start indoors in March.

* Having a great time trying to keep my houseplants alive, they love coffee grounds

and Thieves spray. Coffee grounds was a trick my Mom used.

* Planning for a trip to Florida in February because why not?

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