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January 2021 Thoughts

It's a cold day in Janurary, lots of wind and sunshine... not Sunshine for warmth but for light, and that is good. We haven't seen snowfall accumulations since December.

January... I remember when I was a kid, I loved a good, cold, January day because of ice skating or if there was snow, other winter sports like sledding! I must say, these days it's about staying indoors and keeping warm or wishing for a trip to Florida or some place much warmer.

Things to do in Lancaster County aren't as plentiful as in Spring, Summer, and Fall

but still there is ....


Country Housewares Store

Zook's in the town of Intercourse

Kitchen Kettle Village

Bird In Hand Farm Store

Thrift Shopping all over this area

Sight Seeing of stark winter landscapes

Staying in for a day

Peaceful Valley Furniture and Stuff

Cocalico Creek

Kings Homestead

Metal and Crate next to Dienner's Country BBQ

Ken's Gardens/ dreaming about Spring plantings

Walking Trails

Columbia Antique Shops

Park City indoor Shopping Center and Food Court

Strasburg Market, open daily except Sundays

Mud Sales coming up in March

Sight and Sound Milennial Theatre

Strasburg Railroad and related

Some Restaurants are open here close to Stumptown Manor

Gracies in Leola, closed on Mondays

New Holland Family

Katie's Kitchen on 896



Agape Cafe w full menu

Also some on the Rt. 30 stretch close to Target and the Mill Shops.

In Amish Country

Things mostly go on as any other winter here.

Most schools are back in in-person classes.

Some folks work from home that normally go to an office setting.

We are all careful when we go out.

Cleaning protocols are strong, but restaurants and BnB's are always careful about germ migration and transmission. We just step it up and do more of what we always do. If we'd have any type of cold or more, we'd cancel and hope you'd do the same. Be more aware and careful, but hope you continue doing life and enjoying experiences and take time to GET AWAY. We serve breakfast in your room or at least seperately from one another as needed. We chat about it and make a plan each time, then do what we can to keep you safe and know you would do the same while here. No one who came has brought anything (sickness) with them so far that we know of and no one left who took anything unwanted with them. Seems to be a time and season that needs lots of kindness and understanding of different thought and persuasion. We're here for that!

We plan to be CLOSED here from February 7 until February end. But are looking forward to a great year ahead and hope to see many of you peak out of your homes and communities and make plans. We can't stay IN forever.

Look forward to seeing you SOON, or in the coming months ahead.

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