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It's January AGAIN

One of our BEST KEPT SECRETS, which really shouldn't be a secret at all, is how we clean and take care of our laundry here at Stumptown Manor. Many of you have complimented us for not having scents and smells on sheets and towels and in our cleaning products. I will say, we are still very meticulous with cleaning and laundry to keep things sanitized. We've been moving toward ditching toxic products and switching to more healthy choices over the past nine years. Why did it take me that long.

So today I will tell all! It's very simple but it has been the best thing ever. You may have noticed, we've also removed all scented plug-ins, candles, dryer sheets, scented laundry pods/soap and rinse with CLEAN, natural, easy rinsing alternatives.

What is this amazing and perfect product that we've moved to for all things CLEANING?

It's called Young Living THIEVES Essential Oil Infused Concentrated Household Cleaner. Now we just call it THIEVES. As you can imagine, there's a story behind a name. Thieves® essential oil blend is a powerful combination of Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon Bark, Eucalyptus Radiata, and Rosemary essential oils. Formulated by Young Living founder, D. Gary Young, this blend was created from research recorded in the archives of the British Museum library about a group of 14th century European perfumers and spice traders who rubbed oils on themselves while they robbed the dead and dying.

You've noticed the cleaner is concentrated and is mixed accordingly for different types of cleaning. I keep spray bottles at my kitchen sink and under each bathroom for easy access and quick clean up. When you are here at Stumptown Manor, in Lancaster, Pa, I'd be honored if you'd ask for a sample to try it for yourself because I am a Brand Partner for the company. It's a great company with over 600 products including supplements and Ningxia Red and many others that we use personally.

Here is how you can learn more: And get to be part of this same company that we want everyone to know about.

The ingredients are safe. Only clean, Natural smells. Even children can help without the worry of bad chemicals.

We literally use it to clean everything here. We love it for ALL the things and especially like that we don't have trouble with so much bug dirt on the outside of my windows (we live in farming country) and I believe it's because bugs don't like the taste. We spray it on and clean without rinsing so some stays on the window keeping bugs off.

Bathrooms and Kitchen

Great for tubs and showers



Floors of all kinds


Dusting, I spray the cloth, then clean surfaces and furniture

Oven and glass stove


Wood cabinets and Floors I spray my wet cloth, then clean


Porch and Patio furniture

Vehicles and interiors


We've used it for all those things and love the lemony, spicy scent.

and start to use it in your home to create a more pleasant, healthy environment.

Let me know if you need help to do that. Also if you order it and have questions, I'm here feel free to text or call (717) 989-4362 and ask for Sharon.

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