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Updated: Mar 15, 2021

It's something that happens every year because of the faithfulness of our Creator GOD! But i honestly don't get used to it OR take it for granted in any way, because it's THAT new each time! I love, Love, LOVE this time of year and all the reminders of new life, ressurrection, and amazing growth! The birds building nests, green sprigs pushing through the ground, early flowers bringing color, and people visiting our community here in Lancaster County. It all makes our world turn and happen!

This week we had a taste of Spring (75 degree weather) with new life and warmth... for just a few days, now it's colder again and we are back to waiting for more warmth and sunnier days. But at least we know Spring is on it's way! We had a taste of it.

This year when our world gets warmer here in Lancaster County, we hope it's filled with shoppers, travelers, business people, and laughter and good times! It's been a long year here, in a way... a very long WINTER! A season of quiet, of not seeing new faces, of hoping for all sickness to pass, of people skirting around each other, of hidden smiles, of silent roads and distancing even from family connections.

We are HOPEing it's over. We're HOPEing for all to BE WELL again. We want to plan parties and weddings and birthday surprises! Celebration of the birth of babies by holding them and welcoming them into our arms and seeing the happy parents.

The year of 2020 seemed like a long, cold winter, that would never end! This year, we look forward to moving on ... into Spring, then Summer, then Fall and more naturally into another Winter and New Year!

WELCOME again to Lancaster, Pa! We have restaurants that are opening, Farmer's Markets that will flourish again, Strasburg Railroad will give rides, ice cream shops will serve, Buggy Rides will be a thing, Quilts will sell, Dutch Wonderland will offer fun, and Sight and Sound Theatre will perform once again!

The birds will sing, grass will turn green and gardens are getting planted!

Come STAY, help us CELEBRATE, and hear and taste and touch all that's going on! And oh yes, come smell the smells of Lancaster County! We live and work here, however, it's not the same without YOU, our visitors from all around us and from across the USA and the world.

We realize in a new way that we are all part of each other, like a very large family! We need each other, we need to hear each others stories and carry each other's pain! We need to get together and experience each other's communities! And appreciate how we are the same AND different! We need to share ideas and thoughts and beliefs and we become better because of it.

WE hope we see you this year! We are still open to bringing breakfast to your room or at a seperate table. We still have sanitizer for your convenience! We deep clean as always. We still realize that we are at different places in regards to staying healthy or STAYing in someone else's home and community. We are still sensitive to needs and opinions. We will never be the same but we are ready to MOVE ON and LIVE again. Come join us! We'd love to be your hosts here in Stumptown Manor, where we are near to all the fun places and are careful as we WELCOME folks again to a quiet STAY.

Sharon/ your host with a welcoming smile and room for YOU!

Call or book online

Sharon 717-989-4362

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