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Five fun facts about Stumptown Manor

Happy New Year to All ...YAY for a NEW YEAR!

We hope that this year of 2020 will bring you lots of new and exciting adventures! It might even include Lancaster County and Stumptown Manor!

It's already January 18 and it's snowing, I'm sitting here with a cup of hot tea and thinking about you and all our guests who will show up here this year!

We are excited and ready to see you!

I wanted to share a few things that most people (even those who have stayed with us before!) might not know about our property.

1. We are a chemical free bed and breakfast

What does that mean? We use all chemical free laundry soap, no dryer sheets or fabric softeners, and have chemical free options in our bathrooms! We don't use plug ins, candles or sprays for scents, and we've been doing all of this for most of the past five years and just want you to know in case it matters to you! We use THIEVES CONCENTRATED HOUSEHOLD CLEANER to clean everything! So chemical free for cleaning everything!

2. Carl is a mechanic and works right here on the property

He's done more than one fix it job while folks were here enjoying their breakfast a boost to the battery, an oil change, a window that didn't work, and other numerous things that happen while on vacation! He doesn't know I'm giving out this secret but i know he wouldn't mind checking your vehicle if you have a question or a problem while here!

3. We have a patio out back

This is a great place to enjoy take-out while letting your kids run free while you eat, watch a spectacular sunset, get in some extra fresh air and stay out of lines in our very busy restaurants during summer and fall seasons.

4. We have a private family space for large groups

Our family space holds six people easily or two couples ...and is for one connected group only! Can also be rented by just one couple who wants more alone space away from everyone else in the house. It's like a small apt, and you need to be able to do steps. It's great for a family with children. It's exclusive, so no one will be bothered by voices, or children crying or when you play games or stay up a bit later to talk. Others in the house aren't as likely to hear you! Quiet rules still apply during sleeping hours but this space offers so much freedom to a small group or family to be on your own and do your own thing. The preferred space ... if you are bringing children or a small group.

5. We have a nice walk from the property

Start down the driveway, cross the road to connect to sidewalk, take that to your left up Stumptown Road, then follow sidewalk to your right onto Southview Drive, walk to end of sidewalk, turn right into Witmer Fire Station, walk through to turn right onto Sue Ann Drive and walk back to Stumptown Road, turn right and then left into our driveway! Great evening or morning walk to take in scenery and get some fresh air! Takes about 15-20 minutes if you fast walk or more for leisure waking. So we have a fire station close by, a police station, within a few minutes more and also East Lampeter Park if you'd rather take the park walk or to find a children's play area. Or ask about a LOOONG WALK taking all lefts turns from the driveway, all on road, and over an hour walk to bring you back around to Stumptown Road again! Great cardio boost!

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