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Celebrating Christmas in Lancaster County

Christmas Celebrations are big here in Lancaster County. For those of you who are looking to spend the holiday with us, here are a few things we're looking forward to.

40 minutes from Stumptown Manor

Presented by Honey Brook Community Church. Shuttle service provided, plan to spend some time here, waiting, doing the walk through, meeting people, enjoying the singing, and cookies and hot chocolate in the end. Great Christmas memories. Best LIVE walk through ever! And we've never tired of doing it because it's such a great part of the Christmas Season!!!

5 minutes from Stumptown Manor

Check out the Winter Wonderland Show, amazing Talent!

10-15 minutes from Stumptown Manor

45 minutes roundtrip, great photo spots and memory making along with family times! We did this one year recently, just relaxed and enjoyed the ride in the middle of a busy holiday ...

10-15 minutes from Stumptown Manor

Story of SAMSON, recreating this story on stage with live animals and unforgettable talent. The last show for Samson is on Dec. 31. Sight and Sound does really great productions! This one is a nice Christmas time family activity even though its not the usual Christmas theme! Great for all ages from maybe 4- ?

50 minutes from Stumptown Manor

Spectacular Christmas in Longwood

Don't miss the tea room and light fountain shows!

Always a favorite with us! We don't get there every year but if we don't, its still on our minds! Its so pretty and the offerings of breathtaking sights and sounds throughout

continue to draw us toward Longwood Gardens even in Winter! The indoor conservatory is beautiful year round!

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