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The Color of Spring

Spring is easy my favorite season considering all the color and beauty that just comes naturally after the usual dormant winter season. Love this Spring weather again. It came early to Lancaster County and brought with it all the beauty and color that normally comes weeks later. Surprises popped up everywhere and it’s not that I don’t know things will come up like daffodils and tulips but it is a miracle of sorts every year and thus a surprise that I love each time that it happens.

Our Bradford Pear trees along our driveway are always my favorite show of the season and this year as beautiful as ever. The trees are mature and rounded and full. We are amazed again how those trees go from empty, bare trees to the fullness of blossoms and then flowering very quickly. This year it all happened so fast and so early! The white show deosn’t last long, even as I write, the blossoms are being pushed out by green leaves coming in. The fascination of the growing season is here.

My little garden has one row of snap peas so far and just a teeny little patch of spinach and onions. So IF there is a chance of snow, we’ll be O.K. These plantings are very hardy and withstand a bit of cold and changing temperatures. If it snows after onions are planted and growing in the garden, my Mom would have called that an “onion snow”. But that’s not going to happen this year, right? I hope not. We’re hoping for a long Spring with some relatively warm days and cool nights before the heat of summer. That’s my wish! And I do believe “it could happen”.

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