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Rest and Relaxation

​Many of our guests at the bed and breakfastare folks who frequently visit Lancaster, some have been making the trip for years, others enjoy the occasional weekend get away. Like our guests, we also have a favorite vacation spot that we love returning to year after year. For us, we head south.

We get so excited about our trip to Florida each year! Heading out in February or March when Winter is starting to feel like it might never end. We look forward to time in the sun and on our bikes and getting away from the rat-race that follows us even in the winter season. In preparation, we make sure our tax stuff is finished and ready for that accountant app. that comes every spring, and there’s always other winter projects that need to be addressed before heading south.

However when we do head south, we leave it all behind. We’re not looking back! We are thinking about what’s ahead for us and getting excited about DAYS OF DOWNTIME and sleeping in late and getting to bed late or early however it happens, being without schedules and responsibility. We use the miles to listen to music and talk and let go and it’s worth the long drive every year!

Enjoying a lazy Florida breakfast with my siblings and in-laws

It was no different this year. As we were heading into Georgia and then into Florida, we watched the temperature drop with each mile, and we got that usual feeling that we travel for. That feeling of being far away and not needing to answer phones, and letting go of responsibility, and spending valuable quality time together. We sat back and imagined the next week and a half. My oldest brother has lived in Florida for years. In addition, several of my sisters also vacation there as well. I always look forward to spending time with them as well. We like having breakfast together and lingering over coffee and enjoying each others company when no one is tired or has to rush off to fill other responsibilities. Vacation is the best time to renew connections with people you love.

And then we saw water! I’m not a water duck, don’t need to be in it, but I find the combination of sea breeze and sun to be refreshingly therapeutic. We look forward to walking the beach for miles. Carl and I enjoy bike rides in Lancaster County and we always take our bikes to Florida as well. We love to get on our bikes for a whole day of not really planning where we are going. Stopping for an iced tea, or to just rest by a park bench till we’re ready to move on is so exhilarating for us both. We love it! And you get to see nature and seascapes and things from a very different perspective than you get to see from a car window when you’re in the fast lane of doing life as usual.

Resting from our bike ride

Down time for us is what keeps us fueled for work and gives us energy for our busy season. And by the time we return home spring is usually just around the corner (especially this year!) and I start anticipating working in my flower beds and welcoming people into our Bed and Breakfast as winter thaws and Lancaster comes to life again. Vacation is always a good reminder that everyone needs downtime and miles away from home to REST and RELAX. Helping other people enjoy their downtime is just one of the many perks of running a bnb.

“Sailing Into Sunset” photo courtesy of

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