Memories of My Father

Last year, in honor of Mother's Day, I shared 20 memories of my mother. This year I wanted to spend a little time reflecting on my Father. So here goes! When I think about my Dad, I remember him as

Oasis at Bird-in-Hand

Photo is from the Oasis Facebook page, check it out to see more beautiful pictures and articles about healthy eating. I'm so excited about introducing Oasis at Bird-In-Hand, where they sell Real

Meet the Pets at Stumptown Manor

Not sure if we ever told you all that we have pets at this house, not in the house but on the property, and we love them both -- one cat and one dog. Let me introduce them separately. That's the

Looking Back at 2014

As always, there are memories both good and bad when you do a realistic "look back" on almost any given year. There are blessings to be counted, that's for sure and then it seems, there are also

Value Beyond Any Way of Measuring

We had a cousin "get together" recently. It came together in a very unusual way and then happened here at my house, around our table! What inspired it was that we lost a cousin to cancer. She was a