Looking Back at 2014

As always, there are memories both good and bad when you do a realistic "look back" on almost any given year. There are blessings to be counted, that's for sure and then it seems, there are also

Value Beyond Any Way of Measuring

We had a cousin "get together" recently. It came together in a very unusual way and then happened here at my house, around our table! What inspired it was that we lost a cousin to cancer. She was a

A Bit of Press for Stumptown Manor

My dreams of running a bed and breakfast always came with some misgivings about cooking breakfast. Fixing beds and having a offering of cozy spaces, that's one thing, but breakfast kinda kept me on

20 Awesome Memories of My Mom

1. My mother was a farmers wife and could help in the field, the dairy barn, and still enjoy housework. She could work a tractor AND come indoors and fix an awesome breakfast in short order style,

The Best Dutch Quilts in Lancaster

Lancaster County is known for its gorgeous  quilts. I've wrote about the legacy of dutch quilts in Lancaster before, and today I wanted to share a few of the great spots to purchase these

A Wild Winter

It's been a wild winter this year. To say the least, we have had our quota in Lancaster County! Lots of snow delays, school closings, frustration about not being able to get hours at work, goals that